A gorgeous fall day at a beautiful country acreage was the backdrop for our recent FW13 photoshoot. My beautiful friend Faith was our model for the day. She has the most amazing smile and laugh and makes the work so much fun!


bohemian girl at heart

my mom said I had one of these suede vests with fringe when I was really little. I know I had one from a thrift store or somewhere when I was about 17, and cut it up and made it into a hippie purse with the fringe on the bottom. I don't know whatever happened to it, but it's still in my memory. I couldn't get this out of my head so I decided to make a few in different colors of suede for the FW collection. I love the idea of the different ways you could style this, and use with other layers. Planning a couple of different fur vests as well.


packaging ideas

As I get closer to my new collection launch, I've been narrowing down packaging ideas. Having so much fun making color palette decisions, and little touches to make the brand sing. Lovely inspiration board found here.



Thought I'd post these gorgeous photos from an amazing photographer, Hannah Lemholt. Such beauty... See more of her work here.



I love how motifs can span across different cultures and time periods... and how artists and designers can take these shapes and use them in unique ways. quilt here